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Kinetic Sand – Baking Sand Cakes at Home

25.08.2016 Report from a day in the lab: With names such as Magic Sand, Kinetic Sand, or Crazy Sand a new type of play sand is being offered for children’s playrooms. Also ideal for the coffee break at the of ...

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Chlorate in Drinking Water – An Update

24.08.2016 Report from a day in the lab: In order to prevent bacterial contamination in drinking water, chlorine-containing agents are often used for water treatment. Unwanted disinfection by-products such as ...

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Analysis of Paper Packaging for Anthrachinone

22.08.2016 Report from a day in the lab: In 2014 testers from the German consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest detected the carcinogen anthrachinone in black tea [1]. In addition to pesticides in the tea leave ...

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Ceramic Ware at Christmas Markets – Ask for a Declaration of Conformity

18.08.2016 Report from a day in the lab: Cups, plates, bowls and many other ceramic items are sold every year at Christmas markets. But what consumers don’t know is that every sale of a ceramic food-contact p ...

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Rats, Bites, Fever – Rat Bite Fever – a Rarely Documented Pathogen is the Focus of a Successful Collaboration

24.06.2016 Report from a day in the lab: Streptobacillus (S.) moniliformis is one of the causal agents of the so-called rat bite fever. Infections with Streptobacillus have been seldom diagnosed in humans,  ...

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Toad in Spinach

25.05.2016 Report from a day in the lab: The consumers were looking forward to a delicious lunch with spinach, which they had purchased frozen, packed in individual portions. After boiling, the spinach was pu ...

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EU Reference Laboratory for Residue of Pesticides (Single Residue Methods)

In 2006 CVUA Stuttgart was designated as the EU Reference Laboratory for pesticide residues requiring single residue methods for analysis. This field of work is highly challenging, as the compounds are very difficult to analyze due to their physicochemical characteristics; they cannot be analyzed using existing multi-residue methods. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, this field of work requires a high level of analytical competence and skill.

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Pesticides-Online is an Internet-based platform that was designed with the aim of providing laboratories with easy access to information from the field of pesticide residues. The data can be specifically and systematically accessed with the help of search masks.

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