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Aspects of Food Control and Animal Health

14.11.2017 Hot topic: Issue 01/2017 of our free eJournal is titled *Improvement of Ethoxyquin Yields and Recoveries from Pears through the Addition of Ascorbic Acid*.

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Mycoplasma Pneumonia in Guinea Pigs

02.11.2017 Report from a day in the lab: An unexpectedly high number of four guinea pigs were brought to us in 2015 and 2016 for autopsies. They had the typical pathomorphological and histological lung lesion ...

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Fidget Spinners – Is Nickel Inside?

18.09.2017 Report from a day in the lab: The so-called Fidget-Spinner is becoming a must-have object on many school playgrounds. These multi-faceted toys can be easily rotated with the fingers by spinning „wi ...

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Residues and Contaminants in Processed Foods, Mushrooms, Cereals and Potatoes, 2016

31.08.2017 Report from a day in the lab: In 2016, in addition to 1,736 samples of fresh vegetables and fruit from conventional production, 413 samples of processed foods, mushrooms, cereals and potatoes from  ...

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Rat Owner Dies from Leptospirosis: Was his Cuddly Pet Rat the Source of Infection?

07.08.2017 Report from a day in the lab: The owner of a rat died from leptospirosis. Where could he have caught this serious infectious disease? Possibly from his own pet?

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Residues and Contaminants in Fresh Vegetables from Conventional Cultivation, 2016

03.08.2017 Report from a day in the lab: In 2016 a total of 883 samples of fresh vegetables from conventional cultivation were analyzed by CVUA Stuttgart for residues of over 700 different pesticides, pestici ...

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