QuPPe Method

QuPPe Method stands for Quick Polar Pesticides Method.


It allows the simultaneous analysis of a number of highly polar pesticides non amenable to common multiresidue methods (e.g. QuEChERS). The method involves extraction with acidified methanol and LC-MS/MS measurement using isotope labeled internal standards for accurate quantification. Various LC-MS/MS methods (each covering a different group of pesticides) are provided giving laboratories the possibility to select their preferred approach depending on the pesticide scope they would like to cover.


The method is dynamic and is periodically being updated as more pesticides or separation possibilities are being introduced. There is one version for food of plant origin and one for food of animal origin (currently focusing on milk and eggs).


Further Information

Get the latest information regarding the QuPPe method on the official EURL-SRM website.


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Report published on 07.02.2019 14:34:26